Tasty Tuesday: Creamed Cucumbers

Tasty Tuesday
Busy days call for simple recipes (and short blogs, unfortunately! Here I am getting this up while it's still Tuesday...) This is about the quickest salad possible short of buying a bag of mixed greens and pulling out the blue cheese.

Creamed Cucumbers

Slice 1 large cucumber (I usually peel it as well).

Throw in 3/4 to 1 tsp sugar.

Add a dash of salt from a shaker and a pinch of fresh or frozen dill.

Add enough mayonnaise to cream well (about a heaping tablespoonful).

Mix, and adjust quantities to taste.

I've heard adding a little vinegar is good too, but I haven't tried it. Maybe next time.


  1. Those creamed cucumbers sounds really lovely - simple recipes often really are the best!!

  2. Thanks, April! I'm glad you stopped by. You reminded me that I wanted to come check out your shrimp primavera recipe, which looks fantastic. :)


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