A Fable and a Manifesto

Mr. Pond last week, being busy, wrote a fable on blogalectic day. It made me laugh. Now it is my turn to write, and I am short on time too, and chances are it would take me longer to write a fable of any sense than a post on writing, so I made a hunt through my documents this morning for something to write about. A link, pasted months ago into a list of things to consider blogging about someday, caught my attention.

Today I give you Maureen Johnson's manifesto on social media. I read this back when she first posted it and found myself wanting to cheer all the way through. I read it again today and thought yesthis is where I stand. Apparently it works like a manifesto is supposed to. :)

More conversation about writing, story, and related ideas next Monday. In the mean time, if you blog, tweet, Facebook, Myspace, shoot pictures of yourself for Dailybooth, try to get all your friends to ask you questions on Formspring, etc.—especially if any of that is related to the constant pressure upon artists to have a web presence—I recommend Maureen's piece. I think you'll enjoy it.

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