How to Derail a Blog-Post

My to-do list today included "Post pictures from our road trip"... but it also included "Finish Catching Fire and read Mockingjay" (no, I don't spend all day every day reading novels—this was a choice made in sheer desperation) and that item, which I wrapped up around 6 PM, left me pretty emotionally ragged out.

[Many thanks to fellow Blogengamot members George and Arabella, both of whom warned me that I'd have a particularly hard time with the last book. I did. But their warnings helped as much as anything could.]

Despite that, I made it so far as to get the trip pictures onto my hard drive. Then my computer crashed. Dramatically. Blue screen of death, weird buzzing noise, hardware malfunction warning, et cetera. Lou and I got the battery out, rebooted first in Safe Mode and then rebooted normally, and it seems to be working all right now.

Barring further malfunctions, I'll try to post the pictures tomorrow. Also, hopefully I'll have something written up on the above sequels to The Hunger Games soon. Tonight... tonight I just want to think about peaceful things.


  1. You may have already seen this. Or you may not have. Either way, it will help take your mind off Mockingjay, and, given your past computerscapade, you'll be able to relate!

  2. Haha, Mr. Pond. I love Strongbad! And had forgotten about him. Time was when I watched his email-checking pretty regularly.

  3. Oh NO!!!! We were just talking about blue screens of death, sad! I'm glad it is back up though.


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