... went something like this:

* Make and send wedding invitations. Lou and I spent all of our spare time for a week doing this.
* Move my parents.
* Find a place for Lou and I to live after our wedding.
* Move Lou into that place.
* Move all my stuff into that place.
* Move me and my clothes into my parents' new place.
* Fly to St. Louis for the baptism of our beautiful little goddaughter.
* Spend a weekend in Canada at a group premarital counseling event.
* Attempt to act sane and tolerably focused at full-time job.

It doesn't seem like a long list, somehow, looking at it. And a lot of it I simply wouldn't have missed. It's just that, mathematically speaking, all of that adds up to more days than short little June possesses.

Halfway through July, I finally have time to sit quietly for more than half an hour at a time. It feels strange and wonderful.