No Computers for Jadis and other stories

If you haven't taken part in the Thursday Book Questions, and you'd like to, don't be put off by the word Thursday. You can still answer. I've loved reading every comment I've received these two weeks, and it's fun to find the various commonalities we bookworm types often have.

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This week's battle with my novel (in a bottle... with a paddle... on a noodle-eating poodle...) has been: Is it middle grade, young adult, or adult? All because one blogger commented that broader save-the-world-type scopes are usually middle grade (but my protagonist is the wrong age, and with reason) and then another made an offhand remark about semicolons adding to the sense of adult voice. And I like semicolons.

But after several rewrites of the first section of Chapter Five, I feel like I'm gaining some momentum. There's victory on one front, at least.

* * *

It's been awhile since I posted about stargazing, mostly because it has rained a lot. To my interest, though, the sun reached its autumnal equinox yesterday morning. I couldn't tell you what that looked like, because it rained most of yesterday. Does tracking what the sun does count as stargazing?

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Which Narnia character are you?

According to the results page (minus several spelling errors): "As Mrs. Beaver, you may be a bit ditzy, but you are caring, sensitive, and loyal. Just make sure there isn't a sewing machine around in times of danger."

Haha. I can see myself being the one taking too long packing and then saying "I suppose the computer's too heavy to bring?... I can't abide the thought of that Witch fiddling with it, and breaking it or stealing it, as likely as not..."

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Writer's link of the week: Rachelle Gardner's brief post "What is Success?" Because it's a question we all need to answer.

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Cool link of the week: Exact UTC time. My computer clock was only ten seconds slow this morning. Now it is about seven seconds fast; setting the clock's time to the second is harder than it looks.

* * *

Funny of the week: Okay, I get a kick out of snarky Venn diagrams. This one, for instance.

* * *

Lou's sisters are visiting for the weekend (hurrah!), Maia is sick (poor little kitten), and I have a house to clean plus a short story and a novel to write, so... that's all from me today. Have a great weekend, everybody. :)


  1. Hmmm, I took the Narnia quiz & came up as Jadis. ;)

    Sorry to hear about Maia. It's always hard when kitties are sick. But I think it's always our fault for not being able to understand the divine feline language.

    Continuing good luck on the novel. And of course NANOWRIMO month is coming up quick!

  2. On that quiz I usually show up as Rilian.

    Since you're star gazing, I thought you might be interested in this. It's a forecast for when you can see the aurora borealis: http://www.gedds.alaska.edu/AuroraForecast/

  3. Okay, this really creeped me out for a few seconds when I read it. Until I realized that apparently there is a horse in the Narnia books named "Bree." I was really freaked that they addressed me personally using a nickname that only my family and close friends use. Whew, slightly paranoid anyone?

    COMMENT FOR BREE - description accidently deleted and currently being restored. Please come back soon.

  4. George, LOL. It's never fun to come up as the bad guy (unless you're a Slytherin, I suppose.)

    Also, I think the divine feline language definitely might help. We had Maia to the vet today; they gave her antibiotics and she seems to be a little better tonight.

    David, WAY cool. Here in Bellingham we don't get the northern lights very often, but every now and then it happens.

    Briana, that made me laugh really hard. :D


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