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What is it about September? Surely the weather doesn't watch the calendar (at least, I wouldn't think so, since summer didn't kick in till the second week of July this year) but there's something about this month's name that wouldn't quite feel right without cooler temperatures, a little more rain and wind, and color in the trees. And every year we get it.

I would have foregone the feeling right part to have three full months of summer, but I've got a kitty sleeping next to me and my lion blanket to keep the house-chill at bay. And much as I adore summer, I can never quite feel bad about fall. Fall means beautiful colors, cozy things, routine, and holidays. It's hard not to love it.

* * *

This morning's two straight hours of novel-writing gave me my most productive day in weeks. I'm almost through Chapter 4, not thinking about how much work still needs doing on 2 and 3, and feeling great. Maybe this revision will conclude before NaNoWriMo after all.

* * *

If I'm ever a mother, I am clearly going to be a paranoid one. I couldn't find Maia this morning, and wound up digging wildly all through the wardrobe, trying to find out if she'd eaten shoe polish or pulled camping gear down on herself, before I discovered her watching me from behind. She had this "Hey, I was sleeping" look on her face.

I've been Googling every little thing she does, too, including searching for something like "kitten sleeps a lot should I worry." Apparently even an adult cat sleeps about sixteen hours a day on average, more than any other mammal except opossums and bats. Good to know.

* * *

Writerly link of the week: Courtesy of Mr. Pond, who sent this to me sometime last week. It's awfully true, and funny to boot.

* * *

Also courtesy of Mr. Pond: Potter fans, you'll want to go read his beautiful fan fic poem from Dumbledore's perspective.

* * *

Funny of the week (it took me a few pagedowns to get the point of this LOL meme): Happy Chair is Happy. I like the corkscrew one, though. :)

* * *

I'm off to Facebook and then to see if I can't do a little more writing. Happy weekend, everybody!

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