Top Ten Tuesday: Sequels I'm Dying to Read

Only one problem with this topic: I don't read a lot of series, at least not until most or all of the books have come out. Too many authors leave off with mean cliffhangers. :D
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On the other hand, I'm not entirely proof against books that end but don't finish. Here's my list of sequels to read!

1. Crossed (Ally Condie). The sequel to Matched, a rare dystopian with a gentle protagonist.

2. Insurgent (Veronica Roth). Much as I drag my heels at reading dystopians, I couldn't help getting caught up in Tris' Dauntless world. Too many years of adventure-based education, I guess. That and the good writing and the fascinating Tris and Four.

3. The rest of the Ender and Bean books (Orson Scott Card). There are at least four I haven't gotten around to, and every time I read a Card novel, it blows my mind.

4. Forest Born (Shannon Hale). Not a true sequel, just the only Bayern book I haven't read. But I must read it. Must.

5. The last two Wheel of Time books (Robert Jordan/Brandon Sanderson). Can a world so based upon circular symbolism have a happy ending? We'll find out.

6. The rest of the Prydain books (Lloyd Alexander). Will Taran go on being a hero? Will Eilonwy kiss him or talk him to death? How many harp strings will Fflewddur Flan break with his compulsive stretching of the truth? I do intend to pursue this story eventually.

7. Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters (Rick Riordan). I just put in a request for this one at the library. The first one was a fun read; if I like the second, I just might read the third and fourth and fifth and... however many there are now.

...and that's all I can come up with at the moment. I'm probably forgetting something.

What sequels are on your must-read list?


  1. Well, I won't spoil the Prydain books for you... :)

    Stalled on Percy Jackson after the third book. Still on my waiting list.

    Looking forward to the third book in Tricia Rayburn's Siren trilogy.

  2. I'm dying for the last Wheel of Time book too, and can't wait for more of Brandon Sanderson's Way of Kings series. I'm also excited for Crossed and Insurgent. So many sequels, so little time...

  3. Crossed is on my list, too. I'm not a huge dystopian reader, but Matched totally won me over.

    Great list. Here's mine.

  4. Haha, George. I'm pretty sure Prydain will turn out well. That's the great thing about fantasy.

    Just added the Rayburn books to my immense to-read list...

    Shallee, I'm very excited to read more of Sanderson's work!

    Katie, Matched was surprisingly bearable for a dystopian. I agree!


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