Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Read Because of Another Blogger

The big question for this week is: does it count if said blogger recommended the book in private email, rather than on their public blog? I'm going to have to say yes, since otherwise I might not make ten.

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Of course, the Blogengamot is going to get more than their fair share of this list. They recommend a lot.

Arabella is a true recommending champion, going so far as to actually mail me books. My favorites from her: 1) Matched, 2) Impossible, and she gets partial credit for 3) The Host, which might be my favorite book I've read all year.

George and Arabella both recommended the Prydain books; possibly others did, too. 4) The Book of Three definitely belongs on this list.

Mr. Pond recommended 5) Howl's Moving Castle and 6) Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy; he also talked me into re-reading 7) Alec Forbes of Howglen, which I'll count because I barely remembered it from childhood.

Travis's rave review of 8) On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness got me started on those books.

And yes, all of the above friends are Blogengamot members, with Travis at the helm.

Jana recommended 9) A Tale of Despereaux in a post on Silhouette.

And I can't count how many bloggers have talked up 10) Divergent. But I read it primarily because I liked author Veronica Roth's blog, and because Katy Upperman claimed to be "very close to being over-saturated by all the dystopian literature coming out nowadays" and still loved it.

Have you read any books on the recommendation of some random reader scrawling thoughts on the internet? Which ones? Did you like them, or were you disappointed? What were your favorites?

Author credits:
1) Ally Condie
2) Nancy Werlin
3) Stephenie Meyer
4) Lloyd Alexander
5) Diana Wynne Jones
6) Douglas Adams
7) George MacDonald
8) Andrew Peterson
9) Kate DiCamillo
10) Veronica Roth


  1. I really enjoyed The Host, especially because it was so radically different from the Twilight series. Some seriously great themes.

    I didn't read Hitchhiker's Guide until after the most recent movie came out, but I love that style of humor, so I gobbled up all 5 of the books in the series (I think it's five...).

  2. Me too regarding The Host, couchpotatocritic. Great book.

    I believe 5 is the right number. I've only read one, but really ought to keep going!

    Thanks for coming by and commenting!

  3. Interesting list. I actually own On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness and my daughter has read the book. I need to read it. How did you like it?

  4. It starts off a little episodic, ibeeeg, which meant it took me awhile to get into it. But it's intensely creative, hilarious, and fun to read. The sequel is even better.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting!


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