Art, Obviously

A blogalectic with Masha and Mr. Pond.

The Impressions series ended last week with technique, a word which Masha found uninspiring except perhaps as a calligraphic subject. Mr. Pond talked about subtle masteries and linked Victor Borge. (I love Victor Borge. God rest his soul.)

This week we have a theme to consider: art in less obvious places.

Which is a difficult concept for me, honestly. If you read my post The Influence of Art—a blogalectic installment from several weeks back—you know that for my family, art was everything from multi-layer glazing on walls to flower arrangements to cake decorating to painting and making music and writing. Blacksmithing. Gardening. Family traditions. Family itself. How to live.

I don't remember distinctions. Everything had its own technique. Each discipline involved a certain amount of craft. Head and heart and hands all went into the many processes (well, I won't claim to have loved wall-painting. But still.)

And then, there was Nature, God's great work of Art.

So what do I call 'less obvious?' I hardly know where to delineate between less and more. But I'm intrigued to find out what my fellow dialecticians and the rest of you have to say.


  1. Two thoughts spring immediately to mind:

    1) Is dialectician a word? and
    2) When have we ever worried about that before?

    More salient comment will follow forthwith. :)

  2. nice Jenna..you took my blog :( - except that I Love wall painting, and am rarely allowed to do more than just the first coat because my husband was a painter for a while and doesn't like my "enthusiasm covers a multitude of flaws" approach. ;) Don't worry though, I'll scrounge up some hidden beauties to reveal, and then you'll be sad you didn't think of them. Maybe..

  3. Masha, you must have commented while I was replying to Mr. Pond! I didn't catch it till later.

    Haha--sorry I took your blog post. :P I'm sure you'll come up with something excellent. Also, I love the "enthusiasm covers a multitude of flaws" approach--that's brilliant.


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