The Strength of Samson and other stories

Once upon a time, a Very Tall Peasant decided that hair down to her waist was too much work to wash and dry, so she cut it.

* * *

Of course, the only thing to do when you cut off fourteen inches of hair is to send it to Locks of Love. Unfortunately, I couldn't take a picture of this because I forgot the packeted ponytail at my parents' house. I'll have to mail it next week.

* * *

As you may know, I've kept my hair long because of fantasy fiction. It's a lot of fun to attempt Danielle's hairstyles from Everafter, or Arwen's intricate braids, or Nynaeve's "wrist-thick braid to her waist" (my hair was that long; the braid itself came a little short, though.)

But then I realized that not every woman in fairylands and fantasy worlds has waist-length hair. There's always the brilliant and powerfully magical Hermione Granger:

"bushy brown hair, and rather large front teeth"

...and I never got the sense that Moiraine Damodred or most other of the Cairhienin nobility had excessively long hair:

I couldn't make my blue pendant work, so I had to use white. Sorry, Moiraine.

And I know Aviendha didn't.

I had way too much fun taking this picture.

So, unlike Samson, I've decided that my superpower isn't entirely in my hair. I may go for waist-length again someday, but for now it feels just lovely to be able to pick up a blow dryer and finish in ten minutes or less. The Pacific Northwest is too cold for constantly wet hair.

* * *

Writers' link of the week: An interesting post on being realistic from author Athol Dickson. Favorite line, which has little to do with the main point of his post: "All I know is, like most writers I just want to write, and anything that interferes with writing is annoying."

* * *

Music of the week: Apparently it's Gryffindor Pride day! And while I've not gotten my letter from Pottermore yet, and have not been Sorted (and could end up anywhere... but not Slytherin, please not Slytherin, I don't want to live in a dungeon under the lake with skulls), I do love Gryffindor. Take it away, Jason Munday!

* * *

Funny of the week: Okay, I think I've linked Hyperbole and a Half at least two or three times lately. And everybody else on the internet has probably read every last one of her posts, but I'm still catching up... and I have to dedicate this to my best friend, MissPhotographerB. Spiders are scary. Apologies in advance for the swearing in this post, but spiders DO tend to bring out the worst in people.

* * *

To Do:

  • Clean house
  • Find a way to cover tomato plants before it rains tonight
  • Get some writing done
  • Go sing karaoke for a friend (I got out of it by fainting last time, but I think tonight I'll actually have to do it)

Happy weekend, everybody!


  1. You took the plunge, Jenna, and your haircut looks great! If ever I decide to follow suit and cut off my waist-length hair, it will certainly go to Locks of Love. For now, I deal with its taking three hours to air dry (I refuse to blow dry), getting caught on door handles, and occasionally closed in the car door.

  2. Hopefully you weren't doing that last picture just as Lou got home from work. ;)

  3. Thanks, Carrie-Ann! I didn't know you had long hair. That's fantastic. Yeah, getting closed in the car door... that was happening a LOT. Kinda hurts. :)

    I'm impressed with your patience, letting yours take three hours to air dry! I don't mind that on sunny summer days, but when the high is 45 and it rains all day... my hair simply wouldn't get dry without help.

    George, haha. Nope. That would have been an interesting surprise for both of us. And that's a sharp knife--I wouldn't have wanted to get startled and drop it. :P

  4. Yeah, you wouldn't be able to tell what I look like from my avatar, since it's not a picture of me. It's a favorite sculpture of mine called "Joy" (which I can only enjoy online, because buying one cost more than I make in a month). Here's a link, so you can see the detail of it:


    And Jenna, I hope that you didn't faint at karaoke, and that instead you ended up having a fun time of it!

  5. I really like your avatar, Carrie-Ann. It's beautiful!

    Actually, I avoided both fainting AND having to sing karaoke. I'd forgotten how much you have to shout to be heard, even right into that microphone, and once I saw others doing it, well--I'm having too much trouble with my voice as it is. So I had to be a wet blanket. It was fun getting to hang with my friends and hear them shout, though. :D

  6. Jenna...love, love, love, your hair!!! You look so beautiful! I also love your photo essay...high marks. :)

    As far as spiders...they are not only scary, I firmly believe that they are evil as well. Awesome cartoon...but if I'm being completely honest, the illustrations sicked me out a little bit. :(
    The last time I tried to be brave (in relation to spiders) I tried to convince my self that the tickle I felt on my arm wasn't a spider...turns out I was right, when I looked it was dozens of baby spiders. EVIL!!!

  7. Thanks, MissPhotographerB! :D

    Ack, sorry the illustrations were sickening. I can understand... except I thought one of the pictures was so funny that I almost considered using it as a backdrop on my computer... but then I realized that I'd have a spider picture ON MY COMPUTER.

    I forgot about your baby spider story. Awful! Evil! Definitely nightmare-worthy.


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