Something to Hide and other stories

Maia's idea of a good hiding place in her new house:

Need a closer look?

At first I worried that she'd smother, but when I pulled her out, she went right back in. And after she proved she could survive for eight hours at a time completely buried in blankets, I quit worrying.

Friends and family, some of whom have never seen our cat because she refuses to visit with anyone but Lou and I, get a great laugh out of this. At least now they know she exists.

* * *

For the first time in eighty thousand words—fifty-five thousand of which, I threw away—I got properly swept up into last year's NaNoWriMo novel this week. Little things like food and sleep suddenly became a bother, an interference.  I forgot to get bread at the grocery the other day; I've driven away from home without things I needed. I cheerfully double-booked myself for tonight, and if a friend hadn't asked me for directions, I might have gone out, entirely forgetting that book club was meeting at my house.

I've only made it a few chapters into The Wheel of Time book 13, which I have out from the library, and haven't even picked up Shannon Hale's Austenland. In a week. With both those books flaunting their probable awesomeness, begging for attention, and nothing else on deck for next Wednesday's post.

But my little story calls and yearns at me constantly, and I just have to know what happens next.

* * *

Writers' link of the week: For all our despairing, disconsolate, why-the-hey-am-I-crazy-enough-to-keep-at-this moments: Craig Robertson's Why Am I Still Writing? He gives what might be the best reason I've ever heard.

* * *

Music of the week: My sister-in-law Marie linked this on Facebook the other day, and I was floored. Behold the power of a capella.

* * *

Funny of the week: How to watch Reality TV, according to Savage Chickens. H/T Father Z.

...of course, I got to reading Savage Chickens, and discovered the Books tag, and the Literature one. Hahahahahahaha. Recommended.

* * *

I've got a to-do list and a half-written book vying for my attention. But I promise to try and finish reading something by next Wednesday, for the sake of the blog. In the meantime, Happy Weekend!


  1. I don't see any cat in those pictures. Just unexplained anomalous lumps in the covers. This isn't the Maia cat you're looking for; move along. :)

    Planning on NaNoWriMo again this year?

  2. George, LOL.

    Actually... I really want to do NaNoWriMo again this year. The only hesitations are a) where I'll be with the draft of my current piece on November 1, and b) whether I can--or should--get 50,000 words out of the story idea I've got. :)


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