Sex, Music, and other stories

This subject just begs for its own post, but for now: If you were offended yesterday by my recommendation of a book that is obviously not clean, please go read the comment thread and feel free to add further thoughts or questions. Mr. Pond made some good points and in response I tried to explain how I got through John Green's book when revulsion stopped me fifteen pages into Lolita, and to clarify what I found worthwhile.

Also, this seems like a good time to link the best no-nonsense talk about sex I have heard in my life. Anywhere. Ever. (I've linked the first; the subsequent videos are in the sidebar.) And since I'm not entirely convinced that it is legally uploaded, here is the official website as well.

* * *

Do you live in or write about northwest Washington State? You might consider submitting to Loose Leaf Journal, the brain child of one of my good writing and editing friends/beta readers. Annie's ideas for the project are quite intriguing and I can't wait to see what it becomes.

* * *

Those of you who commented on the music giveaway gave me a lot of good stuff to listen to! Listed were The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Keane, The Dixie ChicksFranz Ferdinand (awesome video), Eric Pazdziora, Carrie Pazdziora, John Michael Talbot, Robin Huw BowenMichael Coleman, The Kingston TrioPaul Simon, and Samarabalouf.

When possible, the link is to a video of my favorite song from the band/artist. My favorite of the lot is probably Carrie Pazdziora, who reminds me of Norah Jones but with a clearer voice--there's not much I like more in music than a good soprano or mezzo with a high, pure tone.

* * *

New favorite writing/artistic quote, courtesy of Marybeth Whalen: "A blank piece of paper is God's way of telling us how hard it is to be God."--Sidney Sheldon

* * *

As for writing, this has not been a good week--I've hardly looked at my book in days, allowing myself to get distracted by anything and everything. But while that's given me some frustration, in one sense it may be good. After the midnight battle with it last weekend, I think I just needed a break from it.

So I've read three books, and gotten some other work done, and decided at the last minute to go ahead and take CreateSpace up on their offer of a free proof copy for NaNoWriMo winners (while I have no intention of self-publishing this book, I'd at least like to see how CreateSpace does things.) The week hasn't been entirely unprofitable.

* * *

New favorite funny site: SoMuchPun.com. Of all I've seen so far, this one just might be my favorite. Or this one. Or ... aw, I can't choose. I laughed at a lot of them.

Happy weekend!

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