Rain, Brain Fritters and other stories

First off, if you're the praying sort, some of our family and other farmers on the east side of the Cascades need it. They're getting too much rain. The weeks of downpour here have attempted to drown my tomato plants and drive me bonkers, but over there the rain is actually threatening the cherry harvest, which is a lot of people's livelihood.

* * *

This year the Great Annual Memorial Day Street Hockey Game got rained into a covered playground again, but Lou and I joined the other players in the eleventh celebration of the event. I started attending the Bible study that became the G.A.M.D.S.H.G. back when I was nineteen (we started playing a couple years later) and now I'm thirty-two. People fly in for this--Joel set the record for distance traveled by coming from Korea this year. We bring the spouses and children acquired over those years.

Some of us are starting to feel our age on the asphalt rink, but almost everyone plays at least for awhile. Some things never get old.

* * *

I loved this post by Mike Duran on crafting a writing routine. Though I have more available time now, I remember what it was like to "carve writing time from the corners of exhaustion." And my routine-of-sorts still needs work.
Like Mr. Duran, I've also had to decide not to write the way Dean Koontz does. Props to Mr. Koontz, but I'd never finish a story his way. I needed NaNoWriMo.

* * *

I've theoretically taken the week off writing work. And by "theoretically" I mean I never pushed myself to work on actual story. I did, however, spend half of Thursday turning my brain into a frittering snarl over my query letter because inspiration hit and then ran away.
Right now I just can't wait to get good and going on the story again. I'll probably pull out my half-finished new scene summary tonight.
* * *
Of all the words that can be said, No is sometimes the hardest. I said it twice yesterday.
* * *
For your end-of-week cheer, I give you whoisthecutest.com. Also, in case you needed to know, there's always isithursday.org. Happy weekend!

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  1. My goodness... thank you for the prayers!! It was supposed to downpour on Friday night, but it (miraculously) cleared up. It's supposed to rain tonight but the sky is clear. Tomorrow there's a "50% chance" of rain... if we can just hold out two more weeks we might actually make it!

    This is getting crazy ridiculous miraculous. Please keep up the prayers.


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