Fictional Characters Everywhere

After several weeks of burying myself too deep in essay to get much else done, I'm back at The Hog's Head today posting about seeing fictional characters everywhere. That is something I do--seeing fictional characters around, I mean; sometimes they're even people from my own books. There's a toddling boy at church that looks so much like I'd imagine my main character's brother at that age that if I ever spoke to him it would require conscious thought to not call him the wrong name. And the Lily Evans I spotted recently was married to a guy who from the side looked a lot like another of my characters. I had a very hard time not staring.

Want to know who else I've seen? Click here to find out. And I'd love to hear if you have stories about fictional character sightings.


  1. I helped Professor Umbridge at work earlier this week...sadly, in demeanor as well as how I pictured her from the book (not the movie).

  2. Umbridge?! Ack. That isn't any fun. In your line of work, you should at least get Colin Creevey. :D


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