A Handful of Notes

Today I intended to do up a Currently Reading post. I've read three books this week, and the one I planned to write about first made me laugh and it made me cry and it hurt to read and I really, really don't want to cheat the post by trying to write it between now (6:59) and 7:50, when I have to leave for book club. I will try to write it up for tomorrow.

In the mean time, the comments on my post at The Hog's Head contain some great thought and I responded to all of them with some of my own ideas this afternoon.

Also, Mr. Pond dialogues with Monday's post on his own blog, talking about the shadow of Hemingway and "respecting the language of music in the idiosyncrasy of voice." (Which would probably be my favorite line in the piece, except that he also said "Too much good advice is bad advice." I heartily concur. But please don't stop giving advice, O wise publishing people, because the wealth of information is ultimately far more positive than negative.)

One more thing: If you were looking for a recipe yesterday, I apologize! The hostess of Tasty Tuesdays, Farmer's City Wife, is too busy harvesting cherries to blog this week. And if you prayed for cherry harvest, thank you (and thank God!) It sounds like they're actually getting one.

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