Happy Easter!

I did actually think about taking Holy Week off of blogging, but not without putting together posts ahead of time or at least announcing it first. Sorry about that.

Revising the last 100+ pages of my novel proved all-absorbing. It kept me up late some nights and woke me up early in the mornings, made recreational reading absolutely impossible, took my focus level so deep that driving and conversing were both affected, and was accomplished at last on the morning of Holy Saturday. In time, thankfully, to celebrate the resurrection of Christ with a reasonably free mind. I love Easter.

I'm also really happy with my revised work. There are places that need a little polish, especially in wording, but at last the latter half of the book feels like it answers the promises made in the opening pages.

This week I'm going to try not to push myself much in the writing department, but I will try to blog. And I cannot go completely on holiday. Besides printing out the revised section for my readers, I have a stack of memoirs to read and judge for a contest, a stack of editing work in my inbox, a lot of research to do for my other project, and I want to sketch outlines for the possibility of making this novel the first in a trilogy. That ought to keep me busy, even if I keep the pace light.

For tonight, I'm sleepy, and I should probably either work on re-reading Crime and Punishment for book club #1, meeting tomorrow, or finish reading Father Elijah for book club #2, meeting Wednesday. I don't want to. Down with depressing books! Maybe I'll go throw food on Facebook and then do some daydreaming.

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