Revise a hundred pages in a week by rewriting one sentence at a time? I'll sign up for anything, I guess.

A chunk of manuscript and my notebook went with me and my schola friends to Shaw Island on Saturday. I threw out my no-writing-work-on-Sundays rule and pulled up the computer almost as soon as I got home from church. Monday gave me the opportunity to write from 10 AM through this morning at 3 AM, stopping only for prayers and food. The alarm went off at 7:30 this morning and I got up, showered, put the laundry in, and went back to work.

I forgot about Tasty Tuesday. My Google Reader is stacking up with unread items. I am getting creamed (lame pun) at food fighting on Facebook (seriously, I'm 0-7.) I am having random snickering fits because my husband finally got to watch Surf Ninjas with me on Sunday night, initiating him into an age-old family movie quoting tradition, and ... well, I probably would be having those anyway. Dang, that movie makes me laugh.

I still have not finished revisions--not because I haven't had time, but because they keep coming out wrong.

At any rate, I'm still alive, just buried (LAME pun) under work. I will finish this book.

Or else.


  1. Oh my word!!!!! Surf Ninjas!!!! I totally forgot about that movie. I'm totally going to have to Netflix it now. How many times did we girls watch that together?!

  2. Haha! I have no idea. We saw that a lot. Ahhh, such great memories.


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