A lot of people lost their sponsored children in the earthquake that happened in Haiti back in January. I got a letter from mine today: her school collapsed, but she is all right and everyone in her village apparently survived uninjured. Thanks be to God. On my to-do list this week: Write that sweet girl and let her know how glad we are that she's okay.

* * *

A long list of reasons prevents me from talking much about current events and politics on this blog, not the least of which is that the mainstream media can irritate me a little beyond rationality. Just because I've yet to see an AP story hold up under a fact-check when it contains an attention-grabbing headline with the words "Vatican" or "Pope" in it, doesn't mean that such things don't exist or that all media personnel are of Rita Skeeter's ilk. I don't read them all, or even all that many. But I do get frustrated by the frequent reliance upon misunderstandings, assumptions, narrow perspective, the use of high-profile words and names to sell a story and the occasional outright lie.

As for the current hoopla, Timothy Radcliffe did a decent job of explaining my feelings, with a little more charity than I might have been tempted to use toward the press. Thank you, sir.


  1. As someone who is sometimes tempted to join one of the Anglican churches that is accepting the pope's offer to re-establish communion with Rome, I've been very interested in the responses of Catholics whose opinions I trust and respect on the current situation. thanks for the link.

    And also the reminder that I haven't written my Compassion kids in a while, and need to do that soon!

  2. You're welcome, Travis. And if you do join in with one of those groups, let me know how it goes. I'm more than a little intrigued by them.

  3. Travis, if you join an Anglican body, we'd have the four major liturgical church bodies covered. Roman Catholic (Jenna), Orthodox (John), Lutheran (me), & then Anglican.

    Wouldn't that be cool? We'd have to come up with some sort of name play off of the Four Horsepeople or something like that. :)

  4. George, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse! That made me laugh and laugh. Hmm. Is it better to be the great conqueror or the guy with the scales? I doubt anyone will want association with Death and Hades or the guy sowing war and discord. LOL.


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