Twitter Gets Another Try

If I hadn't forgotten, my first tweet in two years probably would have been "Tweet ... tweet ... ON TOP OF SPAAGHEEEEEETTTIIII ... #CalvinandHobbes" But I forgot. Oh well.

Setting up my profile for Google Buzz actually sent me back to Twitter. That, and an article by Michael Hyatt that I read months ago. I started doing some research, and found that Twitter is more than a place where you can read the whole world's Facebook status updates. Conversation happens.

Or, you could just say I'm an internet junkie.

As an introvert, I find large amounts of conversation overwhelming, but we'll see how I do with the birds. It'll take me some time to figure out how to navigate in that world, but Michael Hyatt says to try thirty days. Here goes.

Do you tweet? You can find me at @jennasthilaire. I won't promise to follow every single person who comes and follows me, but I will if I recognize you from life or the combox. :)

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