Excellent Writing Tips

Bonus post!

Mr. Pond just linked this in the comments on Novel Revision, Step Three, and I liked it so much I wanted to put it up where readers will see it even if they don't hop into the comments on a post from yesterday. Thanks, Mr. Pond, for the link to Sid Fleischman's writing tips! They're great.


  1. Well, since you liked that so much, you really should read this, too.

    I used to have all sorts of sound advice for beginning writers. But I think I might distill down to:

    Go read everything Sid Fleischman ever wrote. You will learn how to write.

    Then go read everything his son Paul has written. You will learn how to speak.

    Then read all the authors they mention (neglect P. G. Wodehouse at your peril). You will learn what literature is.

    If by this point, you still do not have an intuitive sense of Story, keep your day job.

  2. Thanks, Mr. Pond! I love Sid Fleischman's writing voice. Am going to have to look him up at the library.


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