Weeds on the March and other stories

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"There's already morning glory grown up the fence where I weeded last weekend," I said yesterday. "And there are buttercups blooming in the English ivy. Weeding doesn't even last as long as housework."

I snapped the morning glory stems this afternoon on my way by with the camera, but the English ivy will have to wait its turn again. The herb garden, which I had neatly cleaned out a month ago, is now being marched upon, besieged, razed, and trampled by the weeds overgrowing the brush pile. I didn't think anything could conquer the salad burnet, but it got beaten down a bit by wind, and now the buttercups and morning glory are taking advantage of its temporary weakness.

The sun needs to come out tomorrow. I'm rescuing the Egyptian walking onions (no, I've never caught them singing Bangles songs, but I have to wonder what they do when no one's looking...) and separating the pumpkins from the tomatoes and unburying the herbs. Also, I have a lot of little potted starts begging for some ground space:

Fern, pinks, basil, and sweet peas.
I can never resist tiny plants on clearance.

Cilantro, zucchini, fig tree, and wisteria.
The roses, however, are overall quite happy. They're currently showing their gratitude for Lou's conscientious care:

* * *

Music of the week: I came across William Joseph by way of Lindsey Stirling the other day, and goodness, what an exceptional young pianist. I'm trying not to be envious. This piece was my favorite of his that I came across; I liked the Led Zeppelin remake, too, but it got stuck in my head, so watch at your own risk.

* * *

Happy weekend!


  1. If it wasn't for weeds, I'd have no yard at all.

    Wonderful pic of Maia. It encapsulates how hard a cat's life really is.

  2. The roses are lovely, and I'm impressed that you garden. I dislike heat and humidity, and I have a black thumb, so gardening? Not so much. Our front "flower" bed is so taken over by grass and weeds, we have to mow it.

    Your kitty is lovely, and sleeping so peacefully there on the chair.


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