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Today I am...

Feeling... enthused about new plans for going to bed earlier. I'm enlisting Lou; he's supposed to tell me to get off my computer at 10:15. When I do that, I usually play piano till eleven or a quarter past, and then I'm in bed by 11:30 instead of staying up till midnight, which is what happens when I keep working on my computer much past ten. That's right when my second wind kicks in.

Seeing... a touch of blue on the bayward horizon, which is where all the weather comes from. It's been a rather gray morning.

Smelling... the last dissipating aroma of a big cup of Italian coffee with cream.

Tasting... Raisin Nut Bran for breakfast—so expensive that I rarely buy it, but so much better on every level than standard Raisin Bran. And coffee, of course. Also, my next door neighbor gave me fresh-picked local strawberries, and fresh-picked local strawberries are one of my favorite things in the whole. wide. world.

Listening... to the silence that means the dryer has stopped. I need to go get the laundry changed over.

Grateful for... a free afternoon to spend with my family. Owing to everyone getting sick and the hockey game, I haven't seen the niece and nephew in three weeks. Aunty needs a kiddo fix.

Reading... besides Harry Potter... Lud in the Mist by Hope Mirrlees. It's longer than I expected it to be, which is the difficulty with Kindle books—you can't predict that just by looking. But it's enjoyable old fantasy.

Loving... my friend Janelle, whose birthday I'm celebrating this evening.

Hoping... the little dog that dodged in front of my car yesterday near the grocery found its way back to its family.


  1. Yes, logging off the computer or turning off the tele is essential for Afon to have a peaceful night's sleep, so I can only imagine what it does to us adults, who are much less able to bounce back . . . and reading tucked up in bed is a perfect wind-down.

    1. I LOVE reading in bed. :D And yeah, the glowing screen and all its distractions are pretty rough on peaceful sleep.

  2. But what about Maia? How does she feel? ;)

    1. HAHA. Right now, she's peacefully asleep. Earlier today, she was feeling sneaky because she could get into the cupboard under the sink whenever I wasn't looking. Yesterday, she was feeling very happy, because it was laundry day. :)

  3. I don't think I can answer all of these interestingly enough to justify a separate post, but I'll add that I'm currently reading Daughters and Sons by Ivy Compton-Burnett, which is a strangely light novel that is like a meringue made of resentment, and just finished reading The Violinist's Thumb a really engaging book about DNA by Sam Keane.

    Today was a failed experiment in which I tried to get up at 4:30 for Bonus Productivity, but ended up just falling asleep around 7. I'm feeling creaky because I just helped my mother-in-law move a whole bunch of boxes from an upstairs storage room downstairs in prep for a garage sale. And by "helped," I mean "moved them all myself."

    I used to love those nut-dusted raisins from Raisin Nut Bran and would eat them all out of the box, leaving nothing but bran. But I haven't had any in a long time.

    I hope that dog is ok, too!

    1. Ooh, 4:30!! I can't do that without feeling queasy. Too early.

      Cheers for all the box-moving... it's a good deed, but ooh, painful.

      And I'm kicking myself still for not stopping and trying to catch the dog... I drove around a little looking for it on my way back past a few minutes later, but couldn't find it, so I'm hoping the owners tracked it down or someone caught it and found a tag with a phone number.... :( that's a pleasant little neighborhood there, so there's a fair chance of it, at least.


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