Harry Potter Book Club: Free Class Period, Go Enjoy the Hogwarts Grounds

It's raining and dark enough to be evening even though it's midafternoon, and the owl just came by which reminds me that I have mail which I am supposed to be putting together and sending, and Christie hasn't posted this week, so this will be a short post. But I promise you, Christie has an excuse. She and her husband are from different countries, which means they're currently stuck living a bit too far apart to Apparate or ride thestrals, let alone broomsticks, and I hear magic carpets get a bit whippy out over the Atlantic. But the brave man has made the crossing, and I promised Christie myself that she didn't have to post while she had him home, so the H.P.B.C. is going to take this week easy and possibly next, too.

Masha did post, talking about centaurs and linking a couple of positive articles on Harry. If you haven't checked that out, you should!

In the meantime, some fun for all of us who want to see Slytherin and Gryffindor lighten up and make friends. It is impossible to watch this music video without grinning. At least, it is for me.

And in smashingly awesome Harry Potter and-other-stories news, The Hog's Head has kicked out the nargles... and trolls, and goblins, and a couple of old Death Eaters, sounds like... and is back up and running! Many thanks to Aaron the hard-working tech-elf! Firewhiskey is being poured into clean glasses, the Blogengamot is pulling up bar stools and finding things to talk over, and Travis thinks Benedict Cumberbatch could be our next great Snape or Voldemort. I think I'm with a couple of commenters, however, who suggested we wait till Cumberbatch is a little older and have him play Dumbledore.

Now I'm off to go read the next chapter or two. If I can manage it around a trip over the mountains and my first attempt at directing choir for a whole Mass by myself—as Dumbledore said, "Ah, music! A magic beyond all we do here!"—I'll have something up for next week even if Christie still needs time off. :)

Remember, you can still join in the discussion this week; just link up at last Monday's post!



  1. Just wanted to pop in with some simpatico about directing church choir for an entire service for the first time...as my parish's "substitute choir director" I directed an entire weekend cycle (vespers on Saturday then liturgy on Sunday) for maybe the second time ever a few weekends ago. Talk about a humbling experience! I'm just grateful there were no major errors. :) Prayers as you prepare to direct Mass!

    1. THANK YOU for the prayers and sympathy!! I'm a little bit terrified. Errors happen, but it's hard to remember that when they happen to you... and I'm who gets called on when both the director and the substitute director are away; I'm just a lowly chorister who has sung in a lot of choirs and knows how to wave arms back and forth in some semblance of rhythm... this is going to be an epic battle between stage fright and the grace of God, and I'll take all the prayers I can get. ;)

      Anyway, I'm sure you did a terrific job! And if I get through with no major errors, I'll be grateful too... Thanks again, and cheers!!


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