Tasty Tuesday; Pistachio-Coriander Stuffed Chicken

Tasty TuesdayA member of my writers' group posted this the other day, and it looked so fantastic that I thought I'd share it with you, too. I haven't tried it yet, mainly because I don't have pistachios or coriander or feta cheese in stock, but I think that might have to change.

We'll see if Haggen (the big local grocery) has coriander in its awesome new bulk spice rack, where if you only need a few teaspoons of something, you can buy a few teaspoons instead of a whole jar. I'm loving that spice rack—it means I can try out things that before were $9.99 or nothing.

Here's the link: Pistachio-Coriander Stuffed Chicken



  1. Thanks for passing this on Jenna! :) I hope everyone who tries it enjoys it, and let me know if you discover any awesome improvements!

  2. You're totally welcome! Thanks for posting it in the first place. I bought pistachios and coriander today. :D


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