Routines and Resolutions

First things first: Happy Birthday to John Ronald Reuel Tolkien. Thanks for giving us Frodo, sir.

* * *

Much as I love holidays and the idea of days off, the return to routine is always something of a relief. I've enjoyed every one of our numerous holiday parties and events, but the combination of sugar overload, coffee and alcohol more frequently than I'm used to, late nights, and lack of introvert catch-up time has me a bit frazzled. I slept till eleven this morning, and noon last Wednesday. That's something I simply don't do, not even on weekends.

Routine means keeping up with housework and writers' group and book club, daily work on any or all of the three novels I have in progress, and a focus on that query packet I've wrestled over for months. It also means a return to standard posting schedule on the blog.

Regarding that last, I have a couple of questions for any and all of you reading this: What would you like to read about on this blog in the coming year? More or less of anything I already write about? Something new? Shorter posts? Business as usual? Let me know if you have opinions, and I'll do my best to oblige.

As far as writing goes, I've not made New Year's resolutions. I already have resolutions, some of which come with deadlines:
  • Get a solid query packet together by [personal deadline]
  • Finish gamma reader-suggested revisions to my novel, finalize manuscript format, and read the whole thing out loud to myself to prepare for submission
  • Begin querying by [personal deadline] and continue as necessary
  • Write for the next season of Silhouette
  • Finish the first draft of the sequel to my novel
  • Finish the first draft of L.E.'s story
  • Continue to maintain and develop A Light Inside
  • Stay active at The Hog's Head
That list represents so many hours that perhaps I ought to make a resolution to get off the couch and move around every once in awhile.

Best wishes for pleasant returns to routine for all of you, and for the success of any resolutions you've made!


  1. Stay the course, in my opinion. Business as usual. But then, I'm like a cat, I like routine & tradition. :)

  2. Keep up the good work Jenna, I like the blog just as is.

  3. Thanks, George and Sarah! Good to know. :)


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