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George has quite a stack of books he's resolving to read in 2011, ranging from Jane Austen to Arthur Conan Doyle to Luther and the Church Fathers. Rachelynn has set the goal of reading 50-100 books.  Masha plans to re-read less (to make room for first-time reads) and complete a poetics exercise (which all of you authors and artists of any other medium should really check out—it looks fantastic.) And it turns out that even I have reading goals for the year, which I hadn't realized.

Today's Booking Through Thursday questions:
Do you remember the first book you bought for yourself? Or the first book you checked out of the library? What was it and why did you choose it?
The first book ever? I have no idea.

The first books I remember checking out from the library were either Curious George or the Billy and Blaze books. "Billy was a little boy who loved horses very much..." And Jenna was a little girl of the same sort. By my early teen years I'd read nearly all of the horse-related nonfiction and children's fiction books that the Bozeman Public Library contained.

As for the first book I bought for myself, with my own money (i.e., not my parents or grandparents saying "You can pick out one book"): It's possible that a couple of the Lexi Leighton books I owned were bought with babysitting wages. It didn't take long for me to blast through a Lexi book, but out of everything the Christian bookstore contained for girls my age, those were the most appealing at the time. And I liked Lexi, though I found her friends Jennifer and Binky and Egg a bit more relatable. I was never short and cute like Binky McNaughton, but somehow I generally found myself sympathizing with her.

What about you?


  1. The first book I remeber checking out of the library was Ten Thousand Leauges Under the Sea. I was seven, and my nine year old sister had just read it and recommended it to me. I balanced it on my handle bars for the bike ride home, and being very new to riding on only two wheels, fell into a fence and spent the week resenting and refusing to open the book. I've still never read it. :)

  2. I honestly cannot remember what the first book I checked out of the library was or the first book I bought myself. I've been a readingholic since a very young age. My mom & grand-mom read to me a lot. I went into school already knowing how to read well, so much so that I didn't read the books assigned to my grade level but was trying to read the upper level books.

    I remember a lot of books from the library early on, Richard Scarry, Curious George, Billy & Blaze, Uncle Wiggily, Dr. Seuss. Disney stuff as well, back when Disney was good.

    There's also this one book that I loved but lost track of & could never remember the name. If anyone knows of a book with anthropomorphized animals in a town with a river going through it out to the sea & a mean, grumpy old fox, who all the children are scared of, let me know. :)

  3. Masha, that story is hilarious. :)

    George, I thought and thought about that but haven't come up with it... I remember a book called Monty, I think, about an alligator that carried other animals across the river so they could get to school, but I don't remember there being a fox, so that's probably not it. If I run across it, I'll let you know.


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