The Importance of Sanity and other stories

Normally, I settle down with coffee and computer on a Friday morning and try to get the blog out first thing. But this week I needed sanity first: removal of the post-Thanksgiving mess from the house, cleansing of some less-than-savory stew from mind and spirit, relaxation after a week tiring enough that—shamed as I am to admit it—even your ritual-happy blogger broke rules and went to bed once with teeth and hair unbrushed and full makeup still on.

This morning, then, I took my coffee to the couch with the cat and a novel, and didn't get up till I'd finished the book. After that, I went to work on our little house and didn't stop till it came clean. Now it's 4:30, I've finally got my computer open, and...

...and I've still got a birthday present to wrap for a niece, and a shelf to hang so I can get some plants into sunlight and out of Maia's reach, and potatoes to bake for tonight, and I've neither written nor played the piano. Though I did sing an aria (Caccini's Amarilli, mia bella) while scrubbing the kitchen. Multi-tasking is handy, when possible. It was nice to rest for a while, though.

And now I'm rambling. But that's what blogs are for, right?

* * *

Maia: "Pleeeease let me sit by you. You have toys in your lap."

Me: "They're not toys. I'm sewing, and you're not sorry for pouncing on my thread and tying a giant knot in it. I know you're not. And I see you coming."

Maia: "Yes, but I'm SO CUTE. And I'm upside down. Look at me."

* * *

Writer's link of the week: Sarah Clarkson's lovely "With Bach's Resolve" would do as well for any artist. Questions of lacking audience and of the obedience of creating beauty apply to all of us. Thanks to Sharyn Sowell for the link.

* * *

Music of the week: Cecilia Bartoli, outdoing me enthusiastically at the aforementioned aria.

* * *

Random amusement of the week: a double feature of BookRiot. First, secret passageways via bookshelves, and second, excellent reading nooks. (Yes, I did find the first one after discovering it linked in the second one. How could I not follow that link?)

Of the secret passages, my favorites are the Gothic one and the whimsy one. Of the reading nooks, I'd definitely take the hide-from-people one, although I also like the one with all the pillows and the one in the window. A window's presence would be ideal in any case. What would you pick?

* * *

After a brief blog interruption, the potatoes are in the oven. The four biggest that grew in our garden, as they're destined to be twice-baked. And now, to wrap my niece's present—I got her books; I hope she loves Kate DiCamillo's Because of Winn-Dixie as much as I did—and see about rigging that shelf so I can get my orchid and the unhappy kale and the even more unhappy aloe into sunshine, and pull out one or the other of my simultaneous revision projects. Life is good.

Happy weekend!


  1. Well I love the nook that hides you from people too and the outdoor squishy-chair..in bookshelves that open we agreed completely!

    I can totally relate to the over-powering need for sanity before writing..it's amazing how much mess is made between 5pm and dawn - every morning I'm cleaning something..

    Your writer's link was AMAZING! Wow.. I love Bach!

  2. Wait, what, was there something else in this post besides a picture of Maia upside down? ;)

  3. Your conversation with Maia strikingly resembles my conversations with Eloise, as of late... :)

  4. The reading nooks look interesting except if we made reading nooks in our house, they'd all be occupied by cats. And rightly so...in the cats' opinion.

    1. I don't mind sharing reading nooks with cats as long as said cats lay down and cuddle nicely instead of standing with their rears in my face or their head in front of my book. :P


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