Happy Thanksgiving!

Things Maia is thankful for:
  1. tummy rubs
  2. socks
  3. dark corners to hide in
  4. anything that rolls
  5. houseplants to play in
  6. most definitely not the black and white cat that sits in the back yard and stares into the windows
  7. also not the camera flash
  8. also not strangers
  9. warm laps
  10. cabinet doors that open when batted at
  11. warm laundry
  12. windows
  13. hands to play bear trap with
  14. tasty, tasty cat food
  15. the rocking armchair in the living room
  16. small battable things on shelves and tables
  17. blankets to burrow into
  18. her two people, when her two people are providing the prompt and obedient service properly due a kitty
  19. shelves and furniture to play on
  20. her tail
  21. spiders to catch
  22. chin rubs
  23. cushions
...and I am thankful for all of you. :)

This blog returns Monday. Happy holiday weekend!

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