My husband has the next couple of days off, and Wednesday is the Fourth, so Masha and I agreed to take this week off the blogalectic. For those of you working a normal day today, many apologies for not posting the usual reading material for you. But since I'm feeling random, here, have a cat picture!

Maia has shown next to no interest in people food,
but she shows all kinds of interest in distracting us during dinner.
Photo by Lou St. Hilaire.
And a pretty flower picture!

And a Western-Washington-is-one-of-the-most-gorgeous-places-on-Earth picture!

See you tomorrow. I will try to get the usual Tuesday and Wednesday posts up, although Wednesday's might possibly happen on Thursday.


  1. It's good Maia has a place up high where she can look down on you. That feeling of being judged and found wanting that you have...it's not your imagination. ;)


      Not. Even. Kidding. :P

  2. We've always called the highest place in our houses to which our cats could get Cloud Nine, usually a napping spot right below the ceiling. Sometimes we've even put a piece of carpet there. On Cloud Nine the cat can look superciliously down upon her subjects, supervising our every activity, and reposing beyond reach of inconveniences and annoyances that might disturb her comfort.

    Western Washington is gorgeous.



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