Sneaky Sock Thief and other stories

After taking Pages Unbound's quiz titled "Which Montgomery heroine are you?", I suspect that for good or for ill, I mostly resemble Montgomery herself. Presuming, of course, that she put a fair portion of Lucy Maud into each of her characters. My results were almost evenly split between three of the five choices. See, when I'm happy, and when I'm gardening,

...but when I'm moody, and when I'm writing,

Also, according to test results—possibly owing in part to some temporary annoyance with Maia which tempted me to give my vote (literally) to the dogs—it might also be said that

I just started reading Pat, so I expect to know more about how thoroughly I resemble her before long.

Not that I possess half the charisma of any of the above, mind. But ah, they're kindred spirits.

* * *

"I don't have the stuff to make jelly," I told Mom and Beth yesterday. "I don't have pectin, or a canner, or jars..."

Both of them were quick to explain that all I needed was a stock pot, some sugar, and an old pillowcase. "You can get some jars at any grocery store," said Beth, and then Mom said the words which could not fail: "Red currant jelly is just beautiful."

They sent me home with nine cups of currants. A trip to the grocery and an hour and a half of work resulted in these:

I suck at photography, but still, LOOK AT THE PRETTIES.
I'm so proud of those four little jelly jars—and the fact that I didn't entirely destroy my kitchen (though my stock pot did boil water all over the stove, having had to be filled to within a quarter inch of the top). The quartet remains on my counter, much too lovely to be put away just yet.

* * *

This week, Lou took off a pair of white tube socks and left them sitting in his shoes for a few minutes. I mention this only because Maia stole one, to amusing results.

Sometimes I think we keep that creature around just because she's so funny.

* * *

Writers' link of the week: I've written three books now, and have gotten beyond thinking that I'll never write anything else or anything better than my dearest first (my second and third are both better, actually), but this post of Across the Universe author Beth Revis' said a lot to me anyway. It's all right to hold that most beloved of works with an open hand.

* * *

Music of the week: As a stargazer, I pretty much have to like Holst's The Planets suite. Who couldn't love Jupiter, though, with its brightness, its resemblance to the Star Wars score thanks to its direct influence on composer John Williams, and its containing the melody to which the splendid hymn "O God Beyond All Praising" was written?

* * *

Random amusement of the week: 1990s problems. Yup. I remember those.

* * *

Ahhh, I love Holst so much. Second trip through Jupiter in fifteen minutes, and it's just as glorious as it was the first time.

Happy weekend!


  1. I'll have to take the quiz. I have a sneaking suspicion I'm more like Pat, although I'd like to have Emily's talent and nerve and Anne's joie de vivre.

    all the same, Pat's kinda my favorite, with all her wrong-headedness sometimes. ;-)

  2. I just took the Montgomery quiz over at Pages Unbound. I came out as most like Valancy Stirling, with Anne Shirley as a close second. I’ve not yet read The Blue Castle, and now I’m going to, so that I can meet Valancy! What fun to look forward to a new friend. :o)

    And I love the Maia pictures. Who knew that a sock could be so much fun!

  3. jana.kaye, I love Pat so far! It's hard to go wrong with a character so fond of home and of trees. :) And I'm more than half in love with Jingle already, not quite halfway through the first book.

    Carrie-Ann, you got Valancy! WIN. She's an awful lot of fun.

  4. I got almost exactly two of each character, except that I only got one for Emily, the reason being that I gagged on question #8 and couldn't bring myself to answer it. I can't remember Valancy very well even though I loved The Blue Castle. I think she was one of my favorites, and though A Tangled Web was another favorite I don't remember having any distinct impressions of Gay Penhallow other than I was SO relieved when she finally gave in and fell in love with dear, faithful, wonderful Roger. Noel was so callow!

  5. @carrie-ann...I would give a lot to be like Valancy! Jenna, it's true, Pat's deep love for home and the small things therein are stronger themes than in the other novels, and that's saying something!

    Isn't Judy Plum delightful, too?

  6. Maria, LOL. I liked question #8 and dithered between two or three answers for some time... but I'm terribly sentimental, and kind of okay with that. :P Anyway, Montgomery's heroines have a lot in common at heart, different as they are in personality, so it seems reasonable to get several. And I could definitely see Valancy being a favorite. I loved her.

    jana.kaye, I stayed up till two AM finishing Mistress Pat last night, and oh, did I adore her. I thoroughly sympathized with her love of home and its 'small things therein'. The ending was worth staying up for, too. And yes, Judy Plum was one of the best characters to pop up in all Montgomery's books. What a beautiful way of living she had.

  7. you know what's funny? I've thought the kind, sometimes grouchy, family cook/caretaker of undying and possibly overdone loyalty like Susan or Judy Plum is exactly who I would have been a hundred years ago. In fact I'm kind of sad that the role doesn't really exist anymore!

    1. I wish it existed, too! Saner lives all around, I think... and a warmer, more realistic image of family.


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