Colds and Rains and other stories

Thanks to a summer cold, I'm down on the couch with hot tea, where I don't feel much like talking or writing or reading or cleaning the house or cooking dinner or anything else that I ought to be doing. I spent the morning sleeping and staring at nothing, alternately. But I think I can scrape up the energy to post a cat picture or two.

Sure, Maia, you can sleep in my workbasket... on my
headphones and knitting needles...

...but you can not tell me it's comfortable.
Not that you care.

* * *

Oh, and when I wasn't sick, and when it wasn't pouring rain (can we trade this to the Midwest for some of their sunshine, please?), we—meaning Lou and I, not Maia and I—have done some work on the front yard. The plants are mostly still in baby-stage, but the potential is there:

...and the details always make me smile.

* * *

Writers' link of the week: I feel presumptuous linking to Terri Windling's blog, as if anyone might have discovered me first... but as of last week, I hadn't discovered the lovely pictures and comments about art and writing. Now I'm subscribed. H/T Mr. Pond.

* * *

Some people get less excited about a good cover than I do—but while I've never gotten onto the very big bandwagon that is Mumford & Sons (possibly because I don't listen to enough radio), a friend linked their cover of Simon & Garfunkel's "The Boxer", featuring Jerry Douglas, the other day, and ah, love. Here's a fairly decent YouTube recording of a live performance.

* * *

Random amusement of the week: Creative bookshelves, aggregated at ebookfriendly.com. I like the tree branch one, though the rest of that living room could not possibly be lived in, as it is basically nothingness. And most of them wouldn't hold enough books to justify themselves in my house.

* * *

Actually, a nap and hot tea have helped enough that I just might manage to clean house without too much griping. Maybe I'll put on some music. And at least I got sick during the rain—I'm not missing my garden on a sunny afternoon.

Stay well, and have a happy weekend!


  1. On the album (avail on spotify), paul simon sings it with Marcus :-)

  2. I am shocked. Shocked, chagrined, and saddened. The cat did not help with the gardening?


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