Tasty Tuesday: Cheesy Potato Soup

One of my new cousins has begun a blogging meme, and while my first thought was "... my blog is more about books and writing than housewifey stuff," as it turns out, I do post recipes here. I'm in, then.

Tasty Tuesday

American Catholics aren't required to go fish-only or meatless on Fridays anymore (except during Lent), but I've tried to do so more regularly when we're home for dinner. It beats trying to dream up some other form of sacrifice. This recipe, however, doesn't taste like sacrifice--I couldn't believe how well it turned out. It was also incredibly easy to make.

Cheesy Potato Soup
(very loosely adapted from here)

3 cups peeled, diced potatoes (I didn't measure this--just diced up five medium-size bakers)
2 cups water
1 1/2 tsp salt
2 tbsp minced onion
2 tbsp butter
2 tsp parsley
2 cups milk
About 1 cup cheddar cheese, cubed (I probably went a little over that ... I like cheese)

1. Put potatoes, water and salt into pot and boil until the potatoes begin to fall apart when pierced by a fork.
2. Saute minced onion in butter until clear.
3. Add milk, parsley, onion and butter to potatoes and cook until pot begins to steam again.
4. Reduce heat to low and add cheese. Simmer until cheese is melted and well blended.
5. Add pepper and more salt to taste, if desired.

Easy, easy, easy. I served it with asparagus and red pepper broiled with olive oil and salt, and huckleberry muffins.

Note: The soup serves 3-4, depending on how hungry you are and what you serve with it, so you might want to double it if you're cooking for many.


  1. Sounds yummy! I have so many recipes I want to try during Lent this year!

  2. Jenna, thanks so much for participating!! :)

    Phew! Just in time for Lent. I, too, try to do as many meatless Fridays as possible throughout the year, but for some reason I start panicking about Lenten Fridays (as though the usual fish sticks or tuna aren't good enough, hehe).

    This will definitely go into this year's lineup.

  3. This sounds like a keeper for my family. My kids and husband are all cheese hounds and with Lent around the corner, what a great idea. Thanks for posting.

  4. Thanks for the comments, all of you (and for the meme, Farmer's City Wife! I'll have to ask you at some point how you feel about being called by your real name online.) I got so excited about this recipe that it's great to have a way to share it. It's fun to see everyone else's recipes, too. :)


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