Broken Appliances and Holiday Cheer

Epic fail: The dryer quit heating on Tuesday, the water heater quit heating tonight, the cold water in the bathroom sink has decided to start randomly shutting itself off again, and the oven door came apart when I was making brownies with my sister this morning. Our apartment manager is going to have a long day tomorrow.

Despite all that, I've had a thoroughly happy day. I woke up this morning all a-jitter, preparing to make revisions on what is probably my favorite scene in my NaNoWriMo novel. Too bad the details would all give away major spoilers, because I'd love to talk about it--the big revelation, the sweet moment, the description, the characters involved and why I love them so dearly ... Being a great big F on the Myers-Briggs scale, I'm a bit emotional about that scene. In a good way.

I've dried my laundry at the in-laws, made brownies and cappucini with my sister, cleaned the house, and written my scene, and it has felt great. It makes me want to post as if it were Thanksgiving. Here I am, thankful for family and friends and productivity and chocolate and four walls with a roof and a landlord who gets things done quickly even if he never gets rid of old appliances.

My eyeliner may not come off with cold water tonight, but oh well. It's eyeliner. It never really comes off anyway.

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