Homeschooled or Homeschooler?

This video explains the difference between the general perception of homeschoolers and the truth about most of those who were or are educated at home. It gave me some good laughs.

Maybe there should be a third category for those of us who fit the extremely-socially-awkward profile in high school ... and, indeed, perhaps into our early twenties ... but turned out relatively normal. (At least, I think I'm relatively normal now. Compared to my teen years, the improvement is extreme--you would all admit it if you knew. What--I don't have any pictures of my awkward teen years on my computer? Aww. Such a shame.)


  1. I just found that video a few weeks ago, and immediately watched all her other videos within a few days... She's hilarious.

  2. Glad to hear you liked her videos, S.J.! I can't believe I never heard of her before now. Great stuff.


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