Home and Groggy


I am not feeling particularly coherent today. You wouldn't either if you woke up yesterday at 3 AM Central European Time (6 PM PST), spent 12 hours in airplanes and another three in cars, went to bed over 26 hours after rising, slept eight hours (till 5 AM PST) and spent most of the non-travel time in typing and doing laundry.

This is not one of my normal posting days and this post is therefore gratuitous, so maybe the need to be coherent is only moderate anyway.

Italy: Three cities, 26 churches, one school, several ruins, two gelaterias, about one pizzeria for every day of the tour, innumerable miles walked and two blisters to prove it, zero pickpocketing experiences, flabbergasting amounts of beauty and history, over five hundred photographs ... Reports coming. I journaled through the experience, even after starting NaNoWriMo (which made for a grueling combination).

NaNoWriMo: Began just after nine in the morning CET (12 AM PST) Sunday, November 1, at the front of St. Peter's. Amassed 32 pages in my little notebook over the next five days and wrote another 19 on the flight home. Typed it all up yesterday and this morning and discovered I'd written 10,386 words: 384 more than I'd needed to stay on pace.

I might be ahead on NaNo, but am rather behind on the Google Reader items and emails and catching up with people (and laundry and music practice and reading for book club and sleep). Do pardon me. I'll get there when I can.


  1. Plus, the time changed here, too, while you were gone. We fell back an hour for DST.

    Great job, though, on your NaNo work. That's really impressive!! Especially since Italy has so much to see & do. One of my favorite places in Europe, even though I've only been there once. :)

  2. wv: viddami
    An Italian video camera.

  3. Yay!!!! You're back. I can't wait to hear from you...
    after you have had a chance to rest up.
    Also... I really miss gelaterias and pizzarias. :(

  4. Revgeorge, we totally got gypped on the Fall Back! I miss that extra hour of sleep. :)

    Beth: ROTFL

    Briana, I am going to call you shortly! And I miss gelaterias and pizzerias too.


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