NaNoWriMo Song

My new form of procrastination: Listening to techno.

I love techno. It makes me throw-back-your-head-and-dance-in-the-summer-sunshine happy, which I needed today. I got in a virtual bar fight. I hate those.

The above song describes the NaNoWriMo experience quite well. Right now I'm in the "I need inspiration" phase. Ack.

Anyway, I liked the song so much I decided to check out some of Kristina Horner's other videos, and Mrs. Nerimon is especially fun. I'd be all right with losing a bet if it meant making a music video that likeable.

Right. I'm procrastinating. I need to go write a freaking book.


  1. If it's any consolation, I knew exactly what you were getting at with your comments in said bar fight. :)

  2. Thank you, George ... yes, it always helps when someone understands. :)

    I just wrote a long comment on your excellent chapter summary over at the pub, and either the spamcatcher got it or I hit Preview instead of Post and then clicked off the site. Grr. I'll try again soon!

  3. I think you must've hit preview & then clicked off the site, 'cause I couldn't find your comment in the spamcatcher. That's the breaks sometimes. Thank you, though, for the summarized comment comment. :)


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