Has It Really Been...

August 27, 2005, I woke up for the first time in my new Bellingham home.

August 29, 2005, I got up at 4:00 AM and began my new job at 5:45.

Both days, I stopped and spent time admiring the view from somewhere. Everywhere I turned, the hills and trees and lights and water and mountains seemed to offer comfort and beauty and rest and hope.

I didn't know then what it would mean, or how exactly my life would change. I only knew that it had changed, and that it had needed to.

One year doesn't feel like much time anymore. Christmas. Birthdays. Evenings and mornings, winter and summer. Red leaves in the fall and flowers in the spring.

There are still connections to be made between the old and the new, and much to re-learn. And I will love my childhood years and my time at YD and my other great memories forever. That said, I'm grateful for this year.

For a white flower, picked from a bush outside of Haggen's. For a four-hour stint just sitting in my room, staring out my window, marveling. For laughing and crying with girls gathered in my living room of a Wednesday night. For Instant Messenger. For getting reacquainted with my Californian sister. For the hope of Bailey. For the fireside room at Hillcrest Chapel. For Spanish diccionarios, Greek typing, and hilarious people on telephones. For starting the blog I've wanted since first reading Chris Knight's a couple of years ago. For hours on the phone with a "best friend" who after eighteen years hasn't tired of me yet. For a young writer whose eyes look blue in some lights and green in others, who tells me beautiful things I've never heard before.

What will the next year hold? I'm content right now without the answer to that question. Three hundred sixty-five evenings and mornings overwhelm little Jennifer when she thinks about them in advance. One day at a time is good enough.


  1. "For starting the blog I've wanted since first reading Chris Knight's a couple of years ago."

    Wow. That's a really touching thing to read Jen :-) Thanks!

    And I must say, you are definitely an inspiration for me to stay the course and keep my eyes on God in everything that I write. Since first finding your blog, I honestly have to say this, you have really had an impact on how I conduct my own. Between you and Lisa to keep me straight online, I really have been affected for the better by your words.

    So ummmm... can I come to your housewarming party? I'll bring the fondue!

  2. Dear Jen,
    Chris Knight is 100% correct: You really are an inspiration! This morning I was re-reading the very thoughtful post you submitted last month on "The Rant" re: my piece, Christ vs. Christianity: A Serious Conflict. After reading it for the umteenth time, I had to admit to myself that, of the hundreds of posts submitted to my blog since I started it in the 2nd of June, yours was the most insightful. Please keep appealing to the better angels of our nature.
    All the best,
    Tom Degan

  3. Wow, you guys! It encourages me so much to hear that. Thank you so much! The approval of people who think matters... helps me keep my head up in this world. :-)

    Chris, I said this on your blog too, but I'll say it again: you and Lisa don't need an excuse! If you're ever out Seattle-way, let me know; you're always welcome here.


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