A week-and-a-half’s absence from blogland doesn’t necessarily result from a lack of things to say. Sometimes it has more to do with having too much, and lacking words or time to express it all.

Writing up an entire blog and then having one's internet crash can be thoroughly annoying.

Right now, the sun shines uninhibited by clouds of any sort, and I can see green leaves against blue sky—one of my favorite things in life.

It’s hard not to believe in God when standing in a forest next to a little sun-spangled, laughing, bubbling brook. That serenity and peace cannot be improved upon, except by entwining one’s fingers with those of someone who cares.

In case anyone doubted my bookworming propensities, I’ll confess to having read the entire text of “A Streetcar Named Desire” in one morning. This morning. Tennessee Williams can write, no doubt about that. The heartripping tragedy of the story contrasted oddly with the idyllic, late-summer color and light around me, though.

As impressive as anyone may find bronc riding and barrel racing, no part of a rodeo could top the mutton bustin’. After one small boy stood up gamely after getting rather dragged and tumbled by his sheep, the announcer said “He came out of the gate with two fistfuls of wool, folks, and he’s still got ‘em.” The boy raised his fists.

Even the best of songs grow annoying when the human brain puts them on instant replay. That said, “Come What May” from Moulin Rouge has run through my head for most of this week without wearing out its welcome in my life.

Few women have the moxie to stand up to the wiles of car salesmen. My sister Beth happens to be one of them.

When Anne Shirley talks about ‘kindred spirits’, I know what and who she means. Kindred spirits have, among their other greatnesses, the ability to go on as friends like they never left off, no matter the time elapsed since last contact. I have several of those in my life. I love them all. Shouldn’t put so much time between conversations with some of them.

It might not be “normal” to burst out laughing from total silence when no one else is around, but it sure makes life more fun.

Not many people talk about contentment in the context of young love. But they should. Or maybe they shouldn’t. Let it remain one of the good and perfect surprises.

And yes, I know that good English grammar frowns on the opening of a sentence with a conjunction. As passionately as I uphold the proper use of commas and semicolons and other important linguistic matters, however, that is a stupid rule.

The prophet Daniel had the right idea. It’s easier to pray by a window. Especially an open window. With a good view.


  1. "The prophet Daniel had the right idea. It’s easier to pray by a window. Especially an open window. With a good view."

    That's a very good quote! I may have to steal it :-P

  2. We need a conversation soon, dear friend.

    Preferably in person!!!

    love you,

  3. Heck, I didn't even know Beth was a car salesman. But I don't suppose that's something a gal talks about much.

  4. I start sentences with conjuctions often. And I have a degree in English. So there.


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