Anybody Want to Save Me a CS Call?...

I am online! Hallelujah!

Pity you all can't see the dancing. Well, maybe not.

Anyways, I have been absolutely and thoroughly annoyed today by my inability to access the internet. I'm on vacation, for crying out loud. Half the fun is being able to kill time online :-P

So here's my question: What happens is, I open my Internet Explorer browser and it says "Finding site..." for a minute, then gives me a "Cannot find server" message. I use wireless. Sometimes I have this problem, sometimes I don't. The network always says it's connected when the problem occurs. Sometimes switching to another wireless network helps, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes rebooting the computer helps, sometimes it doesn't. Closing and reopening the browser has never helped yet. I'm not using a proxy server; hopefully I'm not supposed to be.

This really puts a cramp in my blogging style.

Perhaps any of you who have worked in computer-related customer support (believe it or not, I have--just not with internet service) will want these facts as well: The computer is plugged in, I am not using the CD-ROM drive as a cup-holder, and there's no power outage.

I'm totally, helplessly mystified. If anybody has any suggestions, you'll be showing me an act of great mercy!

But on the positive side, I'm on vacation. For the rest of this week. More posts should be coming soon... provided I can get online :-D

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