Apparently, after getting comment-spammed the other day and turning on Word Verification for comments, I somehow managed to restrict all commenting to "Team Members Only"... which meant that nobody could comment except for... well... me! Since I'm not inclined to do all my own commenting, and I like to hear the opinions of my friends and anyone who might drop by, I have fixed that little problem.

Thanks, Brandon and Chris, for pointing that out to me this morning... never would have figured it out myself!

Happy commenting :-)


  1. I miss you :( I want to be with you (and meet this guy) and be part of your 10 hourmovie marathon. When all of the Harry Potter movies are finally out we will have to get together and have a MAJOR marathon! Deal?

  2. Okay, so you can erase this comment and the other one that I left on this post because I am a dork and I thought that my first comment didn't post but I forgot that I was posting it on your Star Wars post and when I looked at this post and didn't see my comment thought that it hadn't posted but it really had posted on the Star Wars post I just didn't look far enough down nor was patient enough to wait and see. There, how's that for a really, long, drawn out, run on sentence! :)


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