If You're Going To Collide With A Garbage Truck

Good thing I recently read Pollyanna, because topping off this week with a car accident could have left me a tearful mess. It might still pull that off. This has been a wild week.

But... I did recently read Pollyanna, so I found myself playing her Glad game this morning. Of course, I read it over a month ago, and this is the first time that has happened. Still:

I'm glad it was sunny outside, not raining like yesterday.

I'm glad I stopped in time and he was backing up, so neither one of us were at all hurt and the damage to my car was minimal. The garbage truck escaped without a scratch, as far as I can tell :)

I'm glad the officer decided not to press charges, either on me or the other driver. The guy who went speeding around the curve past my house, as the officer was walking back to his vehicle, was not so lucky... after all, he was probably breaking the law on purpose.

I'm glad my poor mother didn't faint or have a heart attack when I yelled three times in her ear, as I was talking to her on my cell phone when the accident occurred.

I'm glad the driver of the truck came over and asked me if I was okay and was pretty easygoing about the whole thing. Had he started yelling at me, I guarantee the floodgates would have burst.

But why, when the truck driver told me he still needed to back up to the dumpster, did I have to say "Okay, well, I better go get out of your way then!" Good grief...

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