AI5 Top 8... or not

Despite my best intentions, I had to be in Anacortes last night, which meant that at 8 PM PST I was at my parents' watching... The Gilmore Girls. All I have to say about that is that Rory needs to get over Logan already and fall for Jess again. But then, Logan is showing every sign of getting himself killed off in the next two or three episodes.

Chris Knight told me that Kellie was going to sing Bohemian Rhapsody, which seemed like a recipe for a very unique experience. Briana Bell, who likes country music about as much as Simon does, told me afterward that "Kellie rocked for the first time" so it must have worked out.

The parts I did catch, during the Gilmores' commercial breaks: part of Katharine's song, which sounded good to me, and Taylor's rendition of Crazy Little Thing Called Love. Taylor's uproariously funny performance, crowned by his having to try twice to kick over the mic stand, caught my family's attention so much that we were late returning to the Gilmore Girls and missed part of Rory's conversation with Jess.

After the Elton John fiasco a couple of seasons ago, I wouldn't have expected a Queen-themed night to go very well, but it sounds like everyone rose to the occasion. It should be interesting to see who goes home.

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