AI5 Top... how many now?

For someone who blogs as faithfully about American Idol as I do, I seem a bit ambivalent about actually watching the program.

Friends come first! Brandon and I had fun hanging out and talking, even without watching Idol (he likes Idol about as much as Simon likes Ryan's jokes.) I'd tell you to click on his blog, where you could read his thoughts, but he deleted the whole thing yesterday... *sigh*

Not having watched the program, I did at least look it up online and read what happened. My opinions stand as such:

Despite Kellie's eminent likeability, I would have to say that she appears to want to go home. It takes a very strong, power-based voice to pull off Unchained Melody, and while I think she has a good country voice, its strength lies more in lightness and flexibility than power.

No matter what else happens, Chris and Katharine are still the best :)

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