AI5 Top 9

My main frustration with American Idol is that it runs at the same time as the Gilmore Girls. One would think that the only two shows I really watch with any regularity could be put on different hours. Then again, one would think a lot of things that never make it to reality.

In utter disregard of the judges' opinions, I think that Chris and Katharine proved once again that they, out of all the rest of the crowd, deserve to be singing professionally. I've got to give props to Kellie, though. Last night was make-or-break for her, and it could have gone either way. She took a risk with "Fancy" and pulled it off beautifully.

Ace's performance was also nice, and I never would have thought Mandisa--or anyone else--could have pulled off a Shania song as well as she did.

Everybody else, quite simply, had an off week.

Yes, I mean Bucky too. I'm afraid I can't root for Bucky. He reminds me too much of Kenny Chesney.

Rhetorical question of the week: Why do they have a country night when none of the judges like country? Cheers to Katharine for getting Simon to say that he hated it, which of course we all knew anyway.

In other AI news, the judges and host had quite the verbal war last night. I personally think Simon's love life should be off limits for jokes, along with Ryan's personality, but that's just me :)

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