The H.P.B.C. Takes a Week Off, Spontaneously and Informally

All right, you guys. I suck, but I'm going to have to bail on the H.P.B.C. for the week. I'm trying to wrap up some editing work that is due in early December, and I figure I can respectably finish it off in the next two days—but not if I kill several hours geeking out over Harry.

Here: at least have some Gred and Forge. Yeah, it's Advent, and Christmas music—especially Christmas music about the twelve days of Christmas, which start with December 25—should theoretically be reserved for the actual Christmas season, not that anybody does that. Masha, is it actually possible when you live off-grid??? But I came across this song today and just couldn't put the grin away, listening. Even if the (fan-made) visuals are a little out of order from time to time.

Christie, you have an extra week to catch up! Everybody else—there's some decent conversation on dementors in Masha's combox.


  1. hahaha

    I am currently wrapping up some editing work that is due last week :(

    thanks for reminding me to stop procrastinating.

    Also, no worries!

  2. Cheers, Jenna! I too take about six hours to churn out a HPBC post, and that's on a good day, and not always taking into account the search and meticulous arrangement of complimentary artstuff. I'm sort of a perfectionist about it. I could get much further if I weren't . . . but then if I'm going to do Harry Potter, I want to do it right, you know?

    I think some preparatory Christmas music is acceptable during Advent. c;

    1. "preparatory Christmas music is acceptable" Sweet. :D

      Oh, good. I'm not the only one who takes waaaaaaaayyy too long on these things. The complimentary artstuff does take a surprising amount of time, too!

  3. The best thing I took away from 12 years in public school: the ability to write something passable in less than an hour..and the carelessness to not really stress about whether or not the writing turned out 'just-barely passable' or 'amazingly brilliant' .. But since I've been killing all my battery on pinterest and facebook recently :p ...I'm kind of grateful for the reprieve too ;)

    ..and no..even off grid, we can't quite resist Christmas music in Advent...but only a bit!

    1. In the interest of balance, I would like to add that I took away exactly the same skill from Catholic school. :|

      I hope your weather is ok!

    2. I LOOKED IT UP, M; IT'S COLD WHERE YOU ARE :( stay warm, you guys *<{:*|||


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