Real Fall Snapshots and other stories

Today I'm short on words and sleep. I seem to be spending this week making up for never having been sleepy at all in September.

But it was a beautiful day, with heavy morning fog followed by bright afternoon, and I took a hop down to a local park—one full of big old trees and surrounded by lovely neighborhood—for some real fall photography. Well. Real fall snapshots. I have friends who are real photographers. I and my little... erm, *pulls out camera*... Canon cannot rival such artists for that crown.

Anyhow, fall pictures. Cat picture first, though, to placate Maia and George.

Apologies for the blurring on this next one, but you know. Internet paranoia. I wanted to get a shot of just how pretty some of Bellingham's older neighborhoods are in the fall, though. Without driving all the way over to catch the view from my first apartment as a 'Hamster, which view is absolutely splendid this time of year. This is just outside the park.

A lot of spiderwebs whited into visibility by fog:

I saw two crows and thought of Masha, so I got pictures of them.

Your happy hiker:

Music of the week: a mellow offering from the King of Instruments: Mascagni's Intermezzo from Cavalleria Rusticana, played by organist Gergely Rákász.

Happy weekend!

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  1. eeeeeeeeepretty!

    Alabama can't seem to get its fall together, alas.


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