Harry Potter Book Club: One More Time...

Everybody, Christie specifically requested this week off. I will do my level best to make next week happen.

In the meantime, the Blogengamot is starting a week-long debate over at The Hog's Head (which is finally nargle-free, YAY) about which Potter book is the scariest. I'm up tomorrow defending Chamber of Secrets. :) See you over there if you're interested...


  1. and since Halloween is coming up quick..we need to get back to the books..maybe some side conversation??

    I'm trying to think of what is appropriately not-a-spoiler and also not essential to the Complete conversation..but side notes..you know???

    1. We DO need to get back to the books. At this point, I'm kind of for finishing Chamber of Secrets--it's so Halloween-appropriate--and suggesting that Christie do one final catch-up post that just hits the high points of the last few chapters of the book.

      Side notes could work if that doesn't sound good to you and/or Christie... but I will totally have to think about what; I am feeling brain dead at the moment. :P


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