Top Ten Tuesday: Fictional Ice Cream Boys

Not long before Lou and I had our first chat over coffee, one of my girlfriends spoke of having a mental list of what she called "ice cream boys"—that is, the boys to whom she'd say yes if any of them asked her out to ice cream. I later journaled something like, "Lou is on my list of ice cream boys—Lou just about is my list of ice cream boys." Luckily for me, he asked me out.

That explains the post title. Technically, the topic is "characters I would crush on if I were also a fictional character," which made me feel rather silly since I'm much too married to be admitting to bursts of romantic feeling toward other boys. I know these are imaginary boys, but still.

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But when it comes to the imaginary boys an imaginary single Jenna would go on an ice cream date with, all of them have some great qualities, and some resemble my own dear man in important ways... so, very well. We'll pretend I'm an unattached fictional character for the purposes of one blog post. I suppose we'll have to pretend all these men are unattached, too.

Here's my self-imposed rule: one ice cream boy per author, else this might be an Austenfest. And I'm ruling out Rand al'Thor. I loved him, but I would not share him.

#10: Hilary 'Jingle' Gordon (Pat of Silver Bush, L.M. Montgomery)
Why: Sensitive, lightly built, sweet, hardworking dreamer
He loves me/he loves me not: Quite possibly. He likes domestic girls, especially brunette ones who like dogs.
Choice of ice cream: Old-fashioned homemade vanilla with wild strawberries.

#9: Ian O'Shea (The Host, Stephenie Meyer)
Why: Protective, thoughtful, good, able to see beyond appearances
He loves me/he loves me not: He likes the sweet ones, so I might have a chance.
Choice of ice cream: Big bowl of chocolate, please.

#8: Prince Char (Ella Enchanted, Gail Carson Levine)
Why: Softhearted, has a good sense of humor, does the right thing
He loves me/he loves me not: Doesn't know I exist. He likes eye-catching and playful.
Choice of ice cream: Mint chocolate chip. It's fun.

#7: Charles Bingley (Pride & Prejudice, Jane Austen)
Why: Generous, good-natured, unassuming and disarming
He loves me/he loves me not: I'm one of the girls he likes enough to dance with a few times.
Choice of ice cream: Goo goo cluster. The name is so funny that he's got to know what it tastes like.

#6: Alexei Karamazov (The Brothers Karamazov, Fyodor Dostoevsky)
Why: Gentle, thoughtful, loyal, pure of heart
He loves me/he loves me not: Yes, but he still thinks he might need to be a monk.
Choice of ice cream: He's not picky—he'll have whatever I'm having.

#5: Harry Potter (The Harry Potter books, J.K. Rowling)
Why: Steady, introspective, emotional, brave, self-sacrificial, honestly just plain likable
He loves me/he loves me not: "The really tall, shy girl with the yellow buck teeth? I thought she liked Ron."
Choice of ice cream: Do they have treacle tarts? He'll have one of those.

#4: Calvin O'Keefe (The Time quintet, Madeleine L'Engle)
Why: Tall, outwardly casual but inwardly noble, exceptionally smart, perceptive and sincere
He loves me/he loves me not: He might be one of the few guys who could've liked me in my awkward teenage phase.
Choice of ice cream: Whatever's in the freezer. If you've got multiple kinds, he'll try some of everything.

#3: Edmund Pevensie (The Chronicles of Narnia, C.S. Lewis)
Why: Knows himself and his own weakness, humble, wise, quietly brave and noble
He loves me/he loves me not: If we made it as far as ice cream, there's a very good chance we'd hit it off.
Choice of ice cream: Chocolate swirl. He used to like super-sweet, fruity stuff, but some sort of past experience soured him on that kind of thing.

#2: Mortimer Folchart (The Inkworld trilogy, Cornelia Funke)
Why: Bookish, quiet, steady, protective, good dad material, has gentle working hands
He loves me/he loves me not: I might have a chance at a date if I bumped into him in the library carrying a dozen books.
Choice of ice cream: Great big hot fudge sundae with lots of toppings.

#1: Ender Wiggin (The Ender books, Orson Scott Card)
Why: Empathetic, strong, humble, does what needs doing, perceptive, pure of heart
He loves me/he loves me not: He's kind and attentive, but no, he wouldn't fall for me.
Choice of ice cream: Not important. He'll order the first thing off the menu.

All right, don't make me embarrass myself by myself. What fictional characters would be on your list of ice cream boys or girls?


  1. 1. George Wickham..(Pride and Prejudice)
    Why: I never dated any of the bad boys who like me in school..and he's so delightfully bad!
    He loves me/he loves me not: Love..not a chance, but we could go gambling ;)

    Choice of ice cream: Rum Raisin.

    2. Ponyboy Curtis..(The Outsiders..anyone remember that book from elementary school??)
    Why: His name, sweet, beautiful, sad
    He loves me/he loves me not: not at all, but that's ok, his big brother might ;)
    Choice of ice cream: something really sweet, snickers bars all mixed into vanilla? and cigarettes afterward (and probably before ;) )

    3. Mitya Karamazov..(The Brother's Karamazov)
    Why: He means so well!! And he's so tormented!
    He loves me/he loves me not: It could work..for a while anyway, possibly..
    Choice of ice cream: five bowls of dulce de leche - eaten and then smashed on the floor.

    This was fun! I never realize how bad my taste in men is! ;)

    1. Oh, golly, I laughed so hard at this. So. Hard. And now I want to read The Outsiders.

      A date with Mitya... I could almost see that, but you're braver than I am. I think he would frighten me a little, even with his meaning so well. He's so overbearingly passionate. ;)

  2. So, we're allowed to chose girls? Otherwise this would be a very non-existent list for me. ;)

    1. You are. I mean, I'd go to ice cream with ever so many fictional girls, but I wouldn't be checking them out as potential husbands. :P

  3. But an all Austen list would be such FUN!!!

    I can't think of too many at the moment but:

    Neville Longbottom (The Harry Potter books, J.K. Rowling)

    Why: Kind, grows into a brave man despite all odds. (And if we're talking about the movie version, completely steals Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 to the point my girlfriends and I were all like "QUIT SHOWING US THE TRIO WE WANT TO SEE NEVILLE!!!! GET THE SNAKE NEVILLE!!!! OH PLEASE LET US SEE PROFESSOR LONGBOTTOM IN THE EPILOGUE EVEN IF IT DIDNT HAPPEN IN THE BOOKS!!!!) (what can I say - for all that I do prefer the books to the movies, there are a few things I love about the movies - Neville is one of them, the hint of Neville/Luna is the other)

    He loves me/he loves me not: If I existed in the Harry Potter world, I would have been Luna's only nice roommate in Ravenclaw (I seriously would be in Luna/Ginny's year). Therefore either 1) I'd have a chance because I was friends with Luna and nice to her (Book) or 2) I would have no chance at all because he wouldn't go out with one of Luna's friends after going out with Luna (movie)

    Choice of ice cream: Strawberry... I'm not certain why I think he would order Strawberry, I just think he would... (and the thing is I HATE Strawberry myself so there must be some gut reason for this thought somewhere)

    1. I could totally see Neville ordering strawberry! And honestly, he almost beat out Harry for #5. I love Neville. He really did steal the show a few times, didn't he? :D

    2. Oh--and I'm rather fond of the Neville/Luna ship, too!

  4. Number 1 fictional character crush:

    Howl, from Howl's Moving Castle. It would be awful to keep house with him, though I share his respect for spiders. He's totally Welsh, too (Howell, in our universe). Gives his heart to keep a star alive. Book Howl is the best, but Miyazaki does well by him.

    The others are, in no particular order:

    Mr. Darcy
    Ben, from Walk Two Moons
    Legolas (I had a crush on him before it was cool!)
    Feanor, from the Silmarillion
    Karralys, from An Acceptable Time (Why does Polly "end up with" Tav?)
    Adam, from A Ring of Endless Light
    Josiyah, from The Lightreader's Daughter

    . . . and probably more, but I can't think of them right now!

    1. :D

      Aw, Howl. I thought he was hilarious. I'm not sure I'd have enough energy and spunk to keep up with him, but he was definitely amusing and likable. Still need to watch the Miyazaki film.

      Feanor scares me worse than Mitya! But I love Legolas. :)

  5. Jenna, I LOVE your list! I love how you prefaced it -- I totally get the "I can't crush, I'm happily married" thing since that describes me, too. And your ice cream boys concept is perfect! I also love your picks; Harry, Calvin, and Edmund (or maybe Peter) almost made my list, and my daughter suggested Char, but since I'm more familiar with the movie than the book, I ruled him out.

    You already know my picks, since you kindly came by and commented on my post! Thank you!

    1. Yay! Yeah, I had a tough time deciding between Edmund and Peter. Peter was my hero as a child, but as I've grown up I've developed quite an appreciation for his younger brother.

      Movie Char is all right, but book Char is just awesome! :)


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