Innocent Mewing and other stories

Last night I forgot I'd made myself a goal of getting more sleep and stayed up till 1:30 finishing Brideshead Revisited. Which would not be so very awful if I'd gone to bed before midnight any other night this week. At any rate, I had a mostly positive emotional experience with the book, and my mind kicked off this morning with all sorts of ideas for reviewing it.

The rough draft won't happen today. It's three-thirty, and I'm late to blogging. My lateness cannot be blamed on the unexpected but lovely visit with my sister and nieces, however; they left before two. No, the fault lies with the fact that when I have my day all planned out and something adds itself to the schedule last-minute, instead of kicking something off my to-do list, I just compress everything. I meant to play the piano, and I played the piano—I just didn't work as far into Clair de Lune as I might have. I meant to curl my hair before tonight's dinner party, but I might end up just straightening it.

I meant to blog, but this will be a short post. The blame for that lies with my having gotten distracted on the internet. I'm sorry. Look, here's a cat picture:

* * *

From Lou and I, Maia got a can of Friskies for Christmas. This was perhaps a mistake. She's learned that the refrigerator and the silverware drawer are involved in her getting a Very Special Treat, which means that my days have been going something like this:

9:00 AM
Maia: Nice human. I like nice humans. *Purrrrrr* *rubs up against my shins*
Me: Maia, I'm taking my vitamins. You can have your treat when we have dinner.
Maia: You can't resist me. I'm CUTE.

12:00 PM
Maia: Look, I've perfected my innocent mewing. I'm like a helpless kitten. Out in the rain. Starving.
Me: You're underfoot, and I'm heating up lunch.

3:00 PM
Maia: Hold still, I'm trying to rub up against your legs. Humans are supposed to love that.
Me: Maia, if you're hungry, I think there's some of your dry breakfast left in your dish. I'm only getting a glass of water.
Maia: You're a disgrace to humankind. Which isn't feline on its best day.

6:00 PM
Me: All right, Maia, time for your treat!
Me: I could give it to you faster if you'd stop shoving yourself between my hand and the floor.

* * *

Music of the week: A likable piano piece that looks way too difficult to be on my to-learn list any time soon.

* * *

All right, this has been around for a few weeks, but if you haven't seen Cat Friend vs. Dog Friend... I laughed so hard.

Happy weekend!


  1. Mmmm, cat picture. :)

    Friskies is kind of the crack cocaine of cat food. Try doing the dialog with 16 cats. Even the ones who don't want wet food still want cat treats. ;)

    1. OH GOSH. It's overwhelming just thinking about it. And I bet they do. :)

  2. That Dog Friend and Cat Friend video is hilarious! And so true. Although Cat Friend would be down licking up that milk instead of knocking over another glass.

    Loved your Maia treat dialogue. We give Casey treats every morning and evening. We began this over a year ago when we had to put thyroid medicine cream in her ear at night, and when we had to give her hairball treats in the morning. She parades by the bowl every time one of us is in the kitchen. There's something about her diffident hopefulness that's both touching and funny. We've had three cats and none of them have been leg stroppers. My mom's cat used to entwine herself and also attack nylon clad legs with claws. We've been lucky.


    1. Haha, the knocking over the milk thing just killed me. Dog Friend would be licking it up, too, though; they should've used soda.

      "Diffident hopefulness"--that's just the way to describe it. I get a kick out of watching it. I am glad Maia's not unusually prone to going after tights or nylons with claws, though. She's bad enough about getting up on furniture and batting arms as we walk past, sometimes snagging a sweater in the process.

  3. Waiting in anticipation to hear about Brideshead Revisited, which is one of my Utmost Favorite of All Time.

    Also, Maia and Afon sound like they have a lot in common. Natural enemies usually do. c;

  4. Btw, have you ever read Ursula K. LeGuin? I have not. :p

    1. Brideshead Revisited was awesome, despite all the sadness. I'm excited to sit down and think through it.

      Maia and Afon sound like they have a lot in common. Natural enemies usually do. HAHAHA. So true.

      I have read LeGuin, actually; I read The Wizard of Earthsea, which I reviewed way back when, and Gifts. The latter was beautifully written and often tragic, though it didn't end in complete misery. I think I read it before I started reviewing. It wasn't, at the time, the sort of thing to make me want to read more of her work; on the other hand, it was thoughtful and lovely, as I recall, and I could actually see you enjoying it. :)


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