Peaceful Monday

No discussion post this week; Masha said it wasn't in her. It isn't in me either, since this morning I acted rashly on the idea that my accuracy in both typing and piano-playing might go up if I skipped the coffee for once. Well! Now I'm sleepy, and it's too late for coffee. Especially as I've got to go learn off the soprano line to the Hallelujah Chorus, and ought not hamper my struggling voice with caffeine and cream.

On the other hand, I'm gratified that Masha thought highly of my post, and she's right that we're not in complete disagreement. She says:
"And that, I think, is the natural challenge inherent in beauty, from the fully accessible to the dangerous, it leaves us with the desire for something good just out of reach."
And I couldn't agree more.

Best wishes for a peaceful Monday.


  1. It's NEVER too late for coffee.

    Just as Maia.

    If you drink enough coffee you can stay up all night and play!

    What fun!

    1. HAHAHAHA, David! That's way too tempting.

      You know, either Maia is extra naughty when I stay up late, or I just manage most nights to sleep through her wrestling toys loudly all over the living room. :P


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